Benefits of OHSAS 18001

Benefits of OHSAS 18001

An effective health and safety management system can provide benefits to your customers and give you a competitive advantage by:

  1. Minimising the risks of production delays
  2. Providing  a safe environment to do business
  3. Demonstrating your commitment to maintain an effective health and safety policy

Other benefits make your organisation more efficient, able to meet its legal requirements and help to improve staff morale by making the workplace a safer environment to work in.
Benefits to the organisation include:

  1. Improving your reputation and increasing your opportunities to gain new business
  2. Minimising risks of downtime through accidents
  3. Demonstrating your commitment to meet legal obligations
  4. Possible cost savings from public liability insurance premiums
  5. Maintaining compliance to legal requirements
  6. Providing a robust system to maintain and continually improve health and safety

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