Registration Marks

Registration Marks

ACS Registrar and UKAS strictly regulate the use of ACS Registrars UKAS Accreditation logo and logo. Only companies authorized by ACS Registrars can use this logo was. Detailed instructions on the use of the logo has been issued with your certificate. To mis-use of ACS Registrars logo see Terms and conditions of Article 15. The instructions below for their use is for quick reference only.
There are three formats downloadable logo, EPS (high resolution for the printer), a bitmap (for use with word processing and spreadsheet) and JPEG for Web use.
This logo can not be damaged, separated or altered and must be proportionally enlarged or reduced, and letters must always be read. See terms and conditions of section 15 and for full use and restrictions on use.
Please click on the logo to download it.


iso9001png                iso14001png


ohsas18001png"                iso27001png

EPS (High res - for printer)

iso9001large                iso14001large


ohsas18001large"                iso27001large

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